IT Solutions

A turn key solution for
Cloud based software and computers repair of all kind.

The IT infrastructure of a company represents the basis of its technological functioning. Installed physically or accessible from the Cloud, your IT infrastructure enables you to work in the best possible way to achieve your business objectives.

IT Solutions & Cloud computing

We offer a custom solution to your entire IT infrastructure to meet your requirements and needs. From the development to the integration of various software’s and technologies, we got you covered. 

Hardware replacement & Malware removal

Whether you need a laptop repair or a traditional computer repair, we know every brand and manufacturer you can think of. From malware removal, back-ups, file restores, and hardware replacement, Webtec can give you a solution that fits your budget. 

Technology made simple.

Let the experts at Webtec take care of your devices and IT infrastructure such as: 


  • Data backup and restore.
  • Memory replacement.
  • Repair and cleaning.
  • Hard Drive replacement.
  • Security and Antivirus.
  • Microsoft 365 installation and support.
  • Cloud-based solution. 
  • Performance optimization.